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Youth economic empowerment


The Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA) has craft a vision of being a healing and transformation agent of God in an ailing world. The approach is to root our Mission in the African soil and grow our healing branches to the nations of the world. In trying to realize that dream, the MCSA operates within the Framework of four Mission Imperatives that define our key areas of mission. The imperatives are Evangelism and Church growth, Justice & Service, Spirituality, Empowerment and Economic Development.

We had a Chain of Hope programme, which was an exchange programme involving South African and German children in church. The programme managed to initiate development programmes in the rural parts of our country and exposed the children to different contexts of ministry which would inform the Mission outlook and Faith.
Further, the Youth Unit has piloted a Youth Economic Development Initiative in one district of our Connexion (Limpopo District). A Fund has been established to support potential Youth entrepreneurs that wish to start their own enterprises. The Initiative is operational in its first phase. However, the fund is very limited and its focus is to make seed capital available to the potential entrepreneurs that have got a bankable idea.

The proposed Programme is envisioned to expand the latter programme and roll it out throughout the Connexion. Again, this programme will include other Programme Activities that are not included in the current Pilot programme, like, entrepreneurship training, monitoring the success of funded enterprises and introduction of mentoring for the upcoming entrepreneurs.

South Africa has a huge unemployment and poverty problem. The persistent economic environment means that even the people that are working have got no guarantee that they will keep their jobs. The level of job retrenchments is higher than jobs created in the market. The 2003 research feedback from the “State of the Youth Report” commissioned by the Umsobomvu Youth Fund and conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council of SA found that the youth are the highest sector of the population  hit by unemployment and poverty. In addition, statistically, youth are the foot-soldiers of crime in SA and there is a direct link to this problem since the highest number of those involved in crime is youth from poor economic and education background.
The success of this programme will assist poor youth, their communities that includes women and children. It will create jobs for youth that are significantly parents or guardians. Just taking a consecutive ration of 1:5, if this programme creates a job for one (1) youth generally each feeds about 5 other people mostly younger siblings. 

Purpose of Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE)

  • Create youth entrepreneurs that are economically self-reliant, job creating and continuously growing in all respects.
  • Relations with Youth: empowers youth with business skills, boost the confidence, provide support and enable them to deal with poverty and unemployment by creating jobs and stimulating the economy.
  • Give youth business leadership skills and the interwoven Life-skills competencies that will ensure their success in life and business.

Project Goals & Implementation

  • To motivate youth to venture into entrepreneurship
  • Offer entrepreneurship training to those with keen interest on starting businesses
  • Linking youth with entrepreneur supporting agencies, i.e. National Youth Development Agency (previously known as Umsobomvu Youth Fund) Voucher programme, Development Bank of South Africa, Industrial Development Corporation, etc.
  • Funding bankable business plans/ideas
  • Pairing young entrepreneurs with successful business people for mentorship, monitoring and motivation
  • Establish a Connexional Resource Fund for YEE administered by the Connexional office
  • Establishing partnerships with entities that have an interest in enhancing entrepreneurship


Intended Outcome

YEE seeks to empower children, youth and women in the areas of:

  • Leadership – This programme offers business leadership skills to youth in general, with the first priority given to women of all ages,
  • Education & training – skills training is at the heart of this programme. These skills training will be related to Entrepreneurship and general Life-skills with a view to motivate and equip youth to achieve personal mastery. In addition, the envisaged technical training will include basic Mathematical skills training.
  • Poverty & suffering – this programme was stimulated by the recognition of the devastating poverty situation around the country, the concomitant suffering especially of youth, children and women.
  • The Implementation plan on how the above goals will be achieved: The highest two structural levels of the church will be play a strategic role of including Monitoring and Evaluation.


For any queries please contact the Connexional Youth Economic Empowerment Facilitator:

Rev. Mogomotsi Diutlwileng
P.O. Box 12029
Katlehong, 1432
Office   +27 11 909 2203
Home   +27 11 866 7107
Fax      +27 86 532 3334
Cell      +27 82 398 0744

Email            mogomotsi@reutlwile.co.za



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