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“Young People to Stand in the Gap before God”

The Highveld and Swaziland Youth Unit theme for the year 2009 is taken from the book of Eziekeil 22:30 “We need young people to stand in the gap before God”. This theme reminds us that our main objective that is to bring unity and healing to the people of God.



Youth Spirituality

The Highveld and Swaziland Youth Unit has encouraged and supported district and regional conventions and revivals.
The executive committee has ensured that all youth unit events / programmes have praise and worship, bible study sessions / discussions that will encourage spiritual upliftment and development.

We have motivated young people to learn more about Christian Life through bible study.

We want to plant the early seed of gospel in the Children’s Ministry through praise and worship and bible study.
We are seeking new youthful and exciting ways to learn more about the bible and Christian life (e.g. Sport’s Ministry).


We have educated and trained the young people about HIV/AIDS and how it affects us as a nation. We have discussed the A – abstinence B – be faithful and C – condomsing.
We have invited to professionals to talk, advise and test the young people in the church.

The Youth Unit encourages the young people to abstain and be faithful, we provide training where needed and we also encourage young people to test regularly.

The Highveld and Swaziland district has started on Youth Economic projects that will assist in household income so that young people can live healthy lives.
We want young people to know their status and test on regular basis.

Poverty Alleviation

The Highveld and Swaziland Youth Unit have been involved in a number of projects in the regions: school uniforms donated to child headed families in the Far East Region, Eastern Gauteng Region had a blanket drive during and after the Xenophobic attacks and the Swaziland region started a gardening project KaNgwane to feed the families in that area.

The Youth Unit is assisting financially to make the projects a success.

We intend on growing the projects so that more people benefit from them. We would like the projects to be sustainable.

Children’s Ministry

On the 8th – 10th May 2009, the Highveld and Swaziland Youth Unit held their Children’s Ministry Indaba at the Emseni Conference Centre in Benoni. We spoke about a lot of things such as: age groups, the syllabus, learning through playing and “Being a Spiritual Director”.
A working committee was established that will work closely with the Children’s Ministry Superintended.

We have quarterly Children’s ministry training / workshops in the regions that will help us to be more effective in work as Spiritual Directors.

We intend on having more workshops that we will helps in different styles of teaching.

Youth Unit

The Wesley Guild has also been the strongest organ in the Highveld and Swaziland district but now we have established a committee that will focus on Children’s Ministry. We have found Methsoc committee members and we have been communicating with them on how we can contribute to help and build the youth at the tertiary institutes.

We had established youth unit executives in the circuits so that we can be closer to them and know what is happening in our circuits. The circuit executives will give feedback on what is happening in their circuits regarding the youth and Children Ministry.
Meetings with the Vaal and Swaziland Methsoc have been arranged and we looking forward to working with them in the future.


Wesley Guild

The Wesley Guild is operating perfectly.
The Wesley Guild has annual district convention and regions also have their own conventions.
Communication structure: Society – Circuits – Regions – District and visa verse.

Children Ministry

We have established a working committee that will focus on the children, the committee all regions are represented.
We discovered that the Children’s Ministry is using different study materials, even though we recommended iVangeli facilitators can use any study material that will work for his / her own children – “if the formular is working why change it?”
Communication Structure: District Superintended communicates with regional superintendeds who will filter the communiqué to the circuits and societies and visa verse. 


The executive committee will be meeting with Methsoc Swaziland later in June. This will be our first meeting with Methsoc ever since we can into office, from the meeting we hope to establish a better working relationship with them.
Communication Structure: Not established yet.

Youth Forums

We hope to find out more about the youth forums from the circuit reports, circuit reports will be submitted to the secretary of the youth unit later on in the year.
Communication Structure: Not established yet.


Our main focus for the year 2009 is Integration

“We want to see the need of being one and undivided church – a community of people of God. We as young people hold the stick to drive unity in the church of God, we are the vehicle of integration.”



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