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The Natal Coastal District Youth Unit greets you in the precious name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen. We give thanks to the almighty for all that has been done in HIS name. In this report, we wish to account to CYE 2009 on the work and ministry of our Unit thus far.

The theme that has been driving our unit in 2008 has been “We are the children of God” and it was seeking to address and encourage integration within our district. Circuits were encouraged to incorporate in their programs and ministries conversations that will induce integration and result in formations within our unit working together towards a common goal and different race groups overlooking the racial barriers and working for the kingdom of God.



Although it is difficult to measure the spiritual growth of the Unit, we have seen circuits and formations facilitating programs, bible studies and services that have been of very high calibre and that have shown deep spiritual understanding. It is our prayer that all these are to the glory of God.

Justice, Service and Reconciliation

Workshops around issues of Justice and Service are being held in our circuits; however this is one of the pillars that lack our creativity in making it practical. Circuits were then encouraged to make more efforts in implementing this pillar so as to holistically respond to our church’s vision of a Christ healed Africa.

Economic Development and Empowerment

Under this pillar, we have seen circuits and formations tackle very strongly the issue of empowerment. We have seen career guidance sessions and business venture sessions being facilitated. We are hopeful that all these will soon bear fruits for our Unit.

Evangelism and Church Growth

We commend the Wesley Guild for practically proclaiming the gospel during their Mission Outreach. With the 2010 world cup being only a few months away, we’re encouraging meaningful ministries to be developed so as to reach out to those who need us the most.


The focus for this year is taken from one of our objectives in the strategic plan which is Advocacy and Constructive citizenship, hence our theme, “WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOUR”? In this regard, it is worth mentioning that we have organised a District Youth AIDS walk on the 6th June 2009. This is an event that will for the very first time, be inclusive of all young Methodists in making a bold statement in saying it is enough that the people of God are suffering in this way and wish to be part of an AIDS free generation. This is also an initiative to integrate our formations as they are all part of one Unit. We are proud to report that our Youth Pastors are taking the initiative to be part of the Unit again. A successful breakfast was held earlier this year which comprised of all Youth Pastors and workers to devise ways of working together as a Connexional church. We are optimistic that this is a start of great things.


This continuously remains a challenge for our Unit as these statistics are not as accurate as we would like them to be. We have 800 Children Ministry members who participated in the annual assessment and 80 educators, judging from previous meetings. There are approximately 100 Wesley Guild members and 150 Students Methodist Society members. This brings the membership of the Unit to 2020. We do note that the Youth fellowship and Youth Pastors membership has not been included in this figure due to the uniqueness of this formation.


Our Unit remains challenged with limited resources which hinder ministries that need finance nevertheless we’re constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to overcome this.


Our District Youth unit is committed to the vision of a Christ healed Africa and have pledged ourselves to be agents of healing and transformation. To God be the Glory…


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