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We as young people in the District we give thanks and praise to almighty God for the wisdom that He has given to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Young people in the district and in their different circuit and societies are committed for uplifting the spiritually through revivals and worship Services.  Bible studies are conducted in all youth activities for (contextual understanding & Interpretation of the scriptures). Pastoral visitation shows the way young people are caring for the sick and needy.  They take active part in church services for spiritual growth.  Some ministers in our events conduct healing service and it has made a remarkable contribution in touching young people’s hearts and thus growing their spirituality.


In circuits and societies the are quite number of HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns that are taking place frequently and most of young people are involve in those activates.  Some of young people are supporting the support groups in their communities.  There are also circuit that pledged themselves to contribute cloths, food and money.  We pledge ourselves as young people to care for God’s people in our different arrears.

Poverty Alleviation & Economic Empowerment

During district council meeting in Harrismith, young people together with ward councilor we supplied the community of Silahluwe informal settlement with blankets and clothes.  Skills development programs are taking place in some of our circuits and district events.  We manage to have our own two projects to run   namely News letter and clothing project in which we are selling sweaters and caps for our unit.


Children Ministry

Our Sundays school teachers play important role in this ministry we need to pray for the for the work that they done.  The district has organize their own syllabus so that children my continue to known Christ in their life’s.   We are still waiting for Connexion to send the syllabus to districts. The Sunday’s school day was observed at Zamdela near Sasolburg. We thank God, because Virginia section of the white church was present. We like circuit and superintendent to encourage young people to volunteer and those who have passion on the work of children’s ministry as the new syllabus require more literacy than ever.  The are circuit that caring much on this ministry the total number of children that where reported are 750 we thank God for that statistics.  The 2009 Sunday’s school day will be at Welkom 605 in November.


Our district convention was held at Parys. Young people were happy   and all circuit was present. Most of circuit is putting their emphasis on the four pillars of MCSA.  During our outreach we supplied disadvantage community of Tumahole with groceries. Circuits and societies are still continuing to do mission work in the respective circuits. We are continuing to support poor people in our communities as Wesley Guilders. As Wesley Guilders 4C’s of Christ is still relevant because is going together with four pillars.  We thank Wesley Guild with all works they have done in the district, circuit, and region and in societies.

This are the youth structures within the district

  • Wesley Guild
  • Children Ministry

This two structures are under one executive committee in the district at it is in the Connexion of MCSA

Relationship with other organization

We have good relationship with all   organization in the district.  We are on agreement as organization in the district to have our own house as a district office where our entire asset will be kept and also the office of the bishop will be at same house.  God be our helper we
will manage that project.

Challenges we are facing:

·  Teenage pregnancy
·  Unemployment and poverty
·  Lack of financial assistance for those who wants to study   further.

Youth Unit

This unit function very well it meets its requirements to the district and in the connexion. Integration is still a major problem in the district because the way we as black people assessing person as youth is different to white person assessment.  The issue of age is the one that cause problem for integration.


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