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Youth Spirituality

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The district is alive in terms of its spirituality, despite the administrative difficulties; we manage to have all the events. Last year we hosted a successful CYC in our district. A sound spirituality is important in times of tribulation. It keeps things together when the centre can no longer hold.
All the circuits in the district are aware of the pandemic which claim so many of our people. There are projects to combat and to enlighten our people. They are involved in VCT programmes. Visitation to the homes, hospital housing these patients. They have a daily encounter with the victims and listen to their stories which are helpful.
Poverty is addressed, we don’t commercialise we lived poverty. People who know poverty are in a position to address it. Every circuit adopt a child in a school who is struggling making finds available for school fees and uniform. To alleviate poverty, we have an economic development programme to address unemployment. This initiative empowers the youth, identifying their talents and skills. By so doing create jobs for them and be marketable.

We have Children Ministry, Methssoc and Wesley guild. 
There is co operation, we function as a unit. This year in the youth synod we had them all under one roof. In so much that to main synod all the structures where represented. The one challenge is still the whites who do not come to the party as well as the Youth Pasters.
Youth Pasters are in existence but do not participate in our programmes (unit).
The focus is to achieve our goal being a unit that transform society, through projects driven by the youth. Youth to be reckoned with. People must see God’s blessing in us.  We achieve this by:  
Creating jobs
Encouraging youth to further their studies
Giving them skills and
Talent search
To develop our district, it is incumbent upon us to build our district. People who hold office, should be people who have passion for the work of the youth.

-who do not serve their own interests.
-who are competent for their work

The projects are there, we in most cases lack the implementation.
To respond to the question, we have strategies to address development in our district. To realise that   goal we also had a RDP of the Soul or Heart, because commitment is questioned.
What are the challenges?

The one thing that pose a serious threat is Maladministration of funds, which is detrimental to the unit. The good thing is that we have identified the difficulties and we are able to deal with them head on.
We do not have Young Adults Movement operating in our district. As time goes we might be able to have them. Youth Pasters are not keen to join the unit but, they want to be recognised which is a difficult situation. Be as it may, the challenges are good ingredients for our success.
The financial difficulties we encountered caused us to operate for the past year without a budget. We had to run the office with registration money which is from hand to mouth. Quite challenging a situation. God’s grace has seen us through.     


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