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What we have done What we are doing What we intend to do
With regard to:
 1. Youth Spirituality:
Used the WG Consultation, Youth Synods & Circuit visits to encourage members to focus on aspects of spirituality relevant to young people. The DYU Committee continues with these activities
As an integral part of every engagement: at Society, Circuit, and District level. Our most recent Youth Synod, where even our Youth Pastors commented on the way the worship was uplifting, testifies to this fact. Youth Alpha, interactive Bible studies, teens’ churches and especially divine services for and by young people & W.G. are the main sources of exposure to a deepened spirituality.
2-3 Years ago we had a District HIV/Aids seminar, which set the trend for most organizations to align their social responsibility duties to a focus on HIV/Aids. It seems that most of our organizations are sufficiently sensitized to HIV/Aids. The focus has turned to a more personal & spiritual one where members reach out to those who are known to us.  Our District is ridden with pockets of HIV/Aids areas where our organizations and Societies partner mostly with existing government and NGO’s to pool resources more effectively.
 3. Poverty alleviation:
Organizations have been challenged to become more relevant to their immediate circumstances by partnering with others to make a real difference. Societies and our DYU organizations have responded to this call and are extremely involved at the local level with soup kitchens, vegetable gardens, collecting & distributing warm clothing (esp. WG) and assisting needy, but promising, young people with their drivers’ license and continuing education through the Education project.  The 2009 Youth Synod committed itself, through mobilizing the entire DYU membership, to participating in the Stop Hunger Project, which will commence soon. Hundreds of participants will wrap pre-packed food parcels, which the MCSA will store and distribute amongst needy families during disaster situations.
 4. Children’s Ministry:
2009 Youth Synod appointed a new District SS Convenor who has been very helpful with the SS syllabus. Piloting of the syllabus has taken place in a number of Cape District Circuits.  
  • The focus is now on the full piloting of the long-awaited syllabus!
  • The 2009 Youth Synod supported the separation of SS & Children’s Ministry from the Youth Unit and referred the matter to District Synod and CYC (via the CYE).
 5. Youth unity:
 It has taken years to change the DYU from a “Coloured” MCSA event to a significantly more integrated gathering. The DYU Committee traveled the District over past 3 years visiting organizations all over, sharing the vision & mission of the Methodist Youth Unit and spending time learning from all these young leaders & organizations.
We give God all the glory and we are deeply humbled to report that our Youth Synods and some Circuit events display a significant seriousness to want to work together.
At the last Youth Synods the Youth Pastors offered to train youth leaders in the essentials, which would put them in a more favourable position to become Youth & Children’s pastors.
(See also Connexional EMMU Committee presentation)






















































Youth structures that operate within your District:

  • Wesley Guilds
  • Sunday Schools and Teen’s Churches
  • Youth and Children’s Pastors.
  • MethSsoc. The Cape District Youth Unit refers the matter of MethSsoc. To this CYE for discussion.
  • Girls Brigades
  • Boys Brigades
  • Other youth groups

How the structures operate in relation to one another

  • Interaction happens mostly on Circuit level. The implementation of the Youth Unit Constitution will facilitate this process on a formal level now.
  • Full mutual recognition and participation between the District W.G. and the DYU Committee.

Any programs peculiar to your district?

  • An outreach & support project in the Worcester Circuit to restore a church building and equip it.
  • Supporting & resourcing a rural & struggling Sunday school in the District.
  • The District W.G. continuing education project, which is highly successful & exemplary.
  • Highly successful Sports Weekend headed by the W.G. and increasing annual sponsorship and participation of the rest of the DYU member organizations!
  • A serious willingness to get the Chain of Hope project up and running in the District.

What we seek to achieve, our focus for the year 2008/2009

  • Serious implementation of the constitution of the MY in all Circuits by Youth Synod 2010.

What are your CHALLENGES?

  • Social evils: substance abuse and violence.
  • Widening gap between real life and the perceived “outdated” models of doing and being church today.
  • Economic: Poverty and unemployment.

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