Children Ministry Indaba 2013

by Kago Mocuminyana February 4, 2013



The event kicked off with a high spirit in Magaliesburg Retreat with Rev Mantini opening scripture read from the book of 1Peter 5vs1-5 "Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, watching over them-not because you must, but because you are willing,as God wants you to be;not pursuing dishonest gain,but eager to serve"

Rev. Mantini also shared with us that in politics the more you rise the more your salary increases but in church THE MORE YOU RISE THE MORE RESPONSIBLE YOU BECOME. As Leaders we need to be vision casters, without vision there will be no sense of calling as leaders in order to lead they should have followers.

Sis Ntswaki Meko started the indaba with children ministry minders being in groups with two discusssions, the first dicussion was on "Children Ministry within the Youth Unit and how should the ministry should be structured in the Connexion down to your circuits". The second discussion was on "Children Ministry and Mission work", what role can Chidren Ministry Practioners can play in ensuring that our children are taken care of. Districts presented their yearly reports as to what Hildren Minstry activities have taken place in respective districts.

Day 2

Rev Mantini began the day with a morning devotion, scripture reading was from Exodus 18vs13-27 :Jethro visits Moses. Theme of the morning devotion was "Leadership as a function", Rev Mantinin reminded the group that leadership should be compromised of character and that leadership character should revive and inspire those that we lead in the MYU.

Children Ministry Practioners (CMP) continued with other issues that included Vacation Bible schools and children ministry as to how and what CMP can do in their respective children ministry circuits during school hoidays. Another issues tabled in the indaba was a "Children Ministry Practioner Framework", as to what should the framework include to inform new CMP's as to what is expected from them to serve in the ministry.


Arts ans Craft was presented by Natalie and showed CMP's how arts and craft can be incorporated with our syllabus lesson plans and how interesting it would be for children. For more information on arts and craft ideas email Natalie:


CMP's also were presented with a game funded by the Methodist Church in The United States of America. The game was presented by Ann and Allan, the game focuses on HIV/AIDS awaremess for young people. The name of the the board game is game for the world and for more information please visit


Presentation by Stanley about World Vision South Africa was very interesting as the presentation touched on issue as to how the church has a responsibility in ensuring that children are safe and taken care of and this no to be done only in our respective churches but also in our communities. World Vision South Africa has a programme that trains and empowers local community leaders, specifically faith leaders, to partner with World Vision in preventing the spread of HIV and caring for people living with it in the community. for more information visit


CMP's reflected on challages that they face in their districts and cuircuit and how best to approach these challanges. Rev Mantini engouraged CMP's to keep ensuring that the Children Ministry in districts and circuits are given an ear. Sis Meko encouraged that Districts have indaba's at their respective districts as it will help give support to CMP's.

Good Bye

The 2013 CM Indaba was different from the other Indaba's as CMP's had to come up with solutions to problems faced at Districts. This in turn did provide District CMP's with knowledge as to how best to approach challanges faced.~ end

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